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Norway is the world’s second largest seafood exporter and the equivalent of 35 million meals produced by Norway is consumed worldwide each day. It is at the forefront in developing modern, efficient and sustainable seafood production. Search and find relevant Norwegian export companies at

Alinco AS

Alinco AS is a family owned trading company situated in...

The Norwegian Fishermens Sales Organization

The Norwegian seafood industry is one of the country’s largest...

Aukra Maritime AS

Aukra Maritime AS is a supplier of innovative products within...

Aquastructures AS

Aquastructures is a fresh, innovative and leading Engineering partner and...

Alu-Design & Services AS

At Alu-Design & Services, we offer pilot chairs and deck...

PG Flow Solutions AS

Through proprietary solutions, unrivalled system integration experience, innovative approach and...


We can help you find your Norwegian supplier

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New General Manager in Land Based Norway

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