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Lilaas AS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of maritime control levers, joysticks and wheels. Fishing boats and ferries, supply vessels, large tankers, cruise ships and cranes are manoeuvred by control levers from Lilaas. The company has been in business for nearly 60 years. Lilaas’ governing idea has always been quality. Traditions are important, but the company is in a constant stage of transition, as its customers are.

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Control Units 

Control units are the major contributor to Lilaas’ turnover. They include products that range from the simple to the very complex, from one-axis control levers, hand wheels and rudder controls to azimuth control units and multi-axis joysticks. All units may be delivered motorized on all axes and with several optional features. Most models are certified by DNV GL .

 The Azimuth Electronic Shaft System (AESS), developed by Lilaas and known for its reliability, is used in a wide range of applications. Master and slave control levers are connected for simultaneous operation.


L01 with built-in el-shaft system

L01 – Compact, rugged and combining multifunction control simply and safely for all types of ship.



L01 is a multifunction lever for azimuth, thruster and propulsion controls.
It is compact, rugged and combines multifunction control simply and safely for all types of ship.

  • The lever comes with software solutions and a built in TFT LCD digital display for position of the lever and feedback information from the ship’s systems. It also includes various parameter settings: FWD or AFT, CAN, alarm, display, networks, feedback etc.
  • Available capacitive touch switches on the display for menu operations and/or for custom functionality.
  • The lever is completed with integrated el motors and in house developed electronic shaft system. Hence, big expensive external boxes are now unneccesary.
  • The lever has new cost-effective force feedback solution that does not use electric motors. Learn more about L01 here


LE 90 Control Lever S+D




Specialized Solutions 

Unique design, top-grade materials and thorough testing produce products of high quality that require a minimum of service and maintenance. In addition to a broad standard assortment of control levers, Lilaas offers specialized solutions designed to customer specifications. The company has experienced excellent working cooperation between customers, professional industrial designers and its own engineers. Accordingly, Lilaas is releasing a new generation control levers. Lilaas is constantly updating and developing new generation of control levers.


Awards for Design Excellence

Lilaas has received a handful of awards for design excellence, both national and international. The company has been awarded Norwegian Design Council’s Award for Design Excellence several times, and received the Red Dot Award once from the International Red Dot Institute for advanced design studies.


Skilled & Capable

The company has recruited a staff of skilled operators and engineers and created state-of-the-art equipped departments for mechanical production and manual assembly. It cooperates with demanding customers, such a system integrators and  shipbuilders in maritime and offshore related industries. Lilaas also supplies precision mechanics to medicine, defense, space/satellite related industries.


Modern machinery and a skilled staff make the company capable to cope with stringent grades of tolerance, a characteristic force of its production. The machine department produces small and medium sized details in a range of materials, such as stainless/acid-proof steel, titan, inconel 718, covar, hasteloy, brass, aluminum and various plastic materials. The Lilaas factory uses CNC-controlled machine tools with integrated CAD/CAM, and design and production uses technology such as Pro/Engineer and EdgeCam.




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