Over 28 000 people from 74 countries visited Aqua Nor during the exhibition period. It’s a record. The organizers would like to thank all exhibitors and visitors and look forward to Aqua Nor 2021. Here are the visitor numbers for 2019: Tuesday:       6952 Wednesday: 8774 Thursday:     8557 Friday:          3811 Project manager Kari […]

Kuldeteknisk and FrioNordica are to merge. A leading manufacturer of refrigeration systems, FrioNordica has its head office and production facilities at Malmefjorden north of Molde, with a branch in Grimstad and a subsidiary in Chile. Tromsø-based Kuldeteknisk is the leading service company for refrigeration installations in northern Norway, and ranks as a substantial provider of refrigeration and freezing solutions for land-based industry and the maritime sector.