Rijpfjorden, on Nordaustlandet, Svalbard, has long been an example of a pristine Arctic fjord that, unlike fjords on Svalbard’s west coast, has not been affected by climate warming. A recent article led by PhD student Èric Jordà-Molina from Nord University and including several Akvaplan-niva co-authors, suggests that warming impacts are being felt even in the […]

June 2023 – DeepOcean has successfully completed a crucial IRM project for an undisclosed operator client in the Danish Sector of the North Sea. This achievement marks a significant milestone for DeepOcean, showcasing the company’s expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

DNVs latest white paper “Biofuels in shipping” finds that the flexibility of biofuels can enable the shipping industry to accelerate its journey towards decarbonization while maintaining operational efficiency. Current limitations in production capacity, however, may impact short-term supply and create stiff competition with other sectors.

Elkem is already more than 80% powered by renewable energy across its global operations and holds a CDP rating of A- on climate. The company aims at net zero fossil emissions by 2050 through a climate strategy focused on further reducing fossil CO2 emissions, growing its supplies of advanced materials to the green transition, and […]

Ocean services provider DeepOcean has successfully mobilised its first Autonomous Inspection Drone (AID), which can unlock substantial cost savings for operators of offshore wind farms and oil and gas fields.