Elkem has a long-term goal to reduce CO2 emissions through increased use of biocarbon. As an important step in this effort, Elkem today announces NOK 140 million in investments in new infrastructure at its production site in Rana, Norway, enabling usage of wood chips as biocarbon. In addition, an improved charging and water handling system […]

Multiconsult Polska has been awarded a contract to provide technical support in the spatial survey and ground study for master plan and predesign documentation for Solidarity Transport Hub in Poland. Solidarity Transport Hub is a state-owned company founded in 2018 to prepare and carry out a long term project to construct the new transport hub under the same name.

Rowing single-handed across the Atlantic wearing SeaWind suit
Stein Hoff from Norway (71) rowed across the North Atlantic single-handed. He christened his boat “Fox II”, naming it after the original boat belonging to Georg Harbo and Gabriel “Frank” Samuelsen who with their “Fox” were the first ever to row across the Atlantic. That was 120 years ago in 1896. They rowed from New York to the Isles of Scilly, England, in just 55 days, an incredible feat that few know about and that Hoff wants to put the spotlight on.