Rowing single-handed across the Atlantic wearing SeaWind suit
Stein Hoff from Norway (71) rowed across the North Atlantic single-handed. He christened his boat “Fox II”, naming it after the original boat belonging to Georg Harbo and Gabriel “Frank” Samuelsen who with their “Fox” were the first ever to row across the Atlantic. That was 120 years ago in 1896. They rowed from New York to the Isles of Scilly, England, in just 55 days, an incredible feat that few know about and that Hoff wants to put the spotlight on.

Beerenberg has invested much time in reducing noise in the workplace. A silencer for sandblasting equipment is now under development. Technical director of Beerenberg’s surface department Tom Sørensen recently demonstrated the prototype at the Overflate 2019 conference.

With a range of support solutions available, it might be difficult to know which option is best suited for your application. When it comes to cable ladders and cable trays there are a few fundamental distinctions that should make your choice easier. Read this short guide to find the right fit. Generally, cable ladders are […]

We have seen an increasing demand for building lightweight vessels with aluminium topsides. To support our shipbuilding customers in this development, we are launching a brand-new aluminium version of our well-known RZE-R cable ladder. The new aluminium cable ladder shares the same design as the rest of the RZE-R range. It features a unique hole […]