Autronica, a leading innovator, manufacturer and supplier of fire and gas safety equipment in the land, sea and industrial fire and gas safety sectors, recently launched “AutroWorld,” a new portal for its website which promises to redefine how customers and employees learn about Autronica products and their vertical market applications. To accomplish this, AutroWorld takes […]

In the first quarter 2022, Elkem’s results again reached all-time high, especially driven by strong performance in the Silicon Products and Carbon Solutions divisions. Elkem has benefitted from high prices and good demand in key markets. Broader industry conditions also include challenges due to high energy costs, raw material constraints and transportation problems, but Elkem’s strong integrated […]

An urgent change of mindset and a massive redirection of spending from carbon-heavy investment into clean energy is needed if an affordable transition that meets the Paris Agreement is to be achieved, says DNV in its special report: “Financing the Energy Transition“.

Keppel Technology & Innovation (KTI) has received a verification certificate for a 3D printed deck mounted type Panama Chock (SWL150Ton) from DNV, the independent energy expert and assurance provider’s Global Additive Manufacturing Technology Centre of Excellence in Singapore. The component, which is intended for non-class maritime applications, is the world’s largest 3D-printed shipboard fitting.

Production of ‘farmed’ aquatic animals will more than double from 30 million tonnes per year (Mt/yr) liveweight now to 74 Mt/yr in 2050, according to the independent assurance and risk management company. DNV’s first Marine Aquaculture Forecast warns, however, that production will not meet demand in mid-century unless the industry tackles key sustainability barriers to growth by 2030.