The Smith Meter® PD Meter reaches its 80th birthday this month – at the same time as the 50th anniversary of the Smith Meter® business setting up in Germany. The Smith Meter® PD Meter – PD stands for Positive Displacement – was first built in 1940 in Erie, Pennsylvania. It’s still manufactured there at what […]

You’ve just put the final coat of paint on the structure, quality assurance has gone through and the installation is finalized. However, sooner or later, a requirement to support additional equipment or cables will occur. Our brand-new products for electrical outfitting on ships are designed for this exact scenario! These products are quick and easy […]

Classification society DNV GL, automation systems vendor Høglund, ferry operator Fjord1, and the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) have completed the first testing phase of the ROMAS (Remote Operation of Machinery and Automation Systems) project. The results were presented for the first time at the Nor-Shipping trade fair in Oslo this week.

Classification society DNV GL has released the first approval of manufacturer (AoM) scheme for additive manufacturing (AM) producers wishing to supply products that comply with the DNV GL rules and standards. Additive manufacturing is a term that covers industrial processes that create three dimensional objects by adding layers of material: It includes such technologies as 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping (RP), Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM), layered manufacturing and additive fabrication.