Being a large exporter of both oil and gas, Norway plays an important role as a reliable supplier to the world’s energy markets. Norway is the world’s sixth largest supplier of crude oil and second largest exporter of natural gas. Read Norway Exports Oil & Gas >> ORDER A FREE COPY! Norway is also a […]

Norwegian seafood and production holds a high high standard and is a highly regarded market world wide. Read Norway Exports Seafood, Fishing & Aquaculture >> ORDER A FREE COPY! According to figures from the Norwegian Seafood Council, Norway exported 69 billion worth of seafood and accounted for 37 million seafood meals consumed globally on a daily […]

Norway has one of the largest and most comprehensive maritime sectors in global terms. The offshore fleet is the second largest in the world and the industry is characterized by its high competence, innovation and advanced technology. Read Norway Exports Maritime >> ORDER A FREE COPY! Norway has built a strong global maritime knowledge base, extending […]