Wondering how Norwegian will act in a business setting? Take a look at these pointers from Invest In Norway.  Invest in Norway, the official Norwegian investment agency, has attempted to summarize some key elements of the Norwegian business culture: Flat structures and little hierarchy Quick and informal communication Focus on cooperation Trust among people Empowered employees […]

Want to know how Norwegians are percived in a business setting? In an informative video, INTSOK’s local Oil & Gas Advisors provide expert advice on their culture and how Norwegians are percieved in their respective countries. The video gives pointers for business conduct, areas of improvement and a broad view of how Norwegians are percieved. […]

Norwegians usually greet and take their leave of one another with a firm handshake – the firmer the better. There are few formal rules for greeting and no great importance is attached to greeting in order of rank, gender, etc. It is important to note, however, that Norwegians are used to introducing themselves to one […]