The Norwegian national assembly has served as the highest political body in Norway since 1884. Elections are held every fourth year, and mandates are distributed in proportional representation. The Government is selected on behalf of the King from within the Norwegian national assembly.

Norway can be reached through an extensive selection of international flights and ferry connections. Once in Norway, travelling by car and public transportation is easy.   Norway is continuously developing its transport infrastructure, making everyday life easier, generating sustainable development, and connecting Norway domestically and internationally. This is strengthening the competitiveness of Norwegian commerce and […]

Norwegian values are rooted in democratic ideals and nature plays a large role in the country’s national identity. Although a modern country, Norway takes pride in its history, maintaining its rural traditions. Being ranked as having the highest standard of living in the world, as well as being one of the leading countries within gender equality, [...]
The North Way - Norvegr - was the name given to this mountainous country by the first seafarers to sail along its rugged shores. Nowhere else do people live so far to the north, and thanks to the warming Gulf Stream current, the climate along the coast is not particularly cold. GEOGRAPHY Located in Northern [...]

Norway has a long history in international trade. The Vikings were experts on sailing and navigation, and were probably the most successful traders of their time. The network of routes explored and set up by the Vikings extended over larger areas in Western and Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, and the North Atlantic. Through trading connections […]

Norway, a constitutional democracy in Northern Europe, has a population of 5.25 millions. Norway has an extensive coastline of 25 148 km, and is famous for nature attractions like fjords, mountains and midnight sun. Official name Kingdom of Norway System of government Constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy Head of State Harald V, King of Norway Head […]

Norway celebrates a variety of traditional and religious holidays. With 1407 working hours a year, 84% of Norwegians claim to be satisfied with their life. Public Holidays 2012 New Year’s Day  January 1 Palm Sunday  April 1 Maundy Thursday  April 5 Good Friday  April 6 Easter Sunday  April 8 Easter Monday  April 9 Public Holiday […]

Norway has the second largest GDP per capita in the world and has fared better than most through the recent financial crisis. Norway owes its success to its massive petroleum wealth, combined with prudent fiscal management and strong policy response to curb the effects of the global financial crisis. The Norwegian economy has a mixture […]