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Nor-Shipping 2019 – accessing ocean opportunities

Opportunities within maritime are as deep and diverse as the oceans themselves, but the challenges of navigating a sector in transition are considerable. Nor-Shipping 2019 is here to help – connecting stakeholders, highlighting potential, and providing a unique platform for supporting maritime and the developing ocean industries.

Nor-Shipping is the world’s leading maritime event week.
For one week every two years the global industry descends upon Nor-Shipping’s exhibition halls in Lillestrøm and across a series of social and business venues throughout nearby Oslo. Every segment within the maritime value chain is represented and championed – with established players mixing with next generation technology innovators to do business, network, and chart the way forward for this most dynamic of industries.
Nor-Shipping focuses on realising the potential inherent in a gathering of this magnitude. By providing an optimal business environment, both physically and digitally, the event week helps cultivate new ideas, insights and partnerships, ensuring that all participants gain real value from a unique experience.
It’s here to serve, support and enable success in the maritime and ocean industries. This is the very essence of Nor-Shipping.

An industry in flux

Maritime is changing. Driven by digitalisation, new technology and a need to create a truly sustainable sector, businesses are assessing the ocean with a new vision.
Activities such as deep-sea mining, offshore aquaculture, offshore wind, biofuel creation, data capture (below, at and above sea level), drone utilisation, and harvesting new food sources are growing fast, while shipping itself is evolving with electric ships, hydrogen fuels, green technology and the gradual move towards autonomous vessels.
Ideas are everywhere, but to realise their potential businesses have to tap into established ocean expertise – learning from the players who have already ‘been there, done that’ and built enduringly successful companies.
The firms that open their doors to new partners and knowledge transfer will be the ones that prosper. And Nor-Shipping’s objective is to serve and support the industry to this end, bringing people together for mutual, long-lasting benefits.

Something for everyone

Nor-Shipping 2019 will deliver added value for exhibitors and delegates alike.
The halls and programme will be tailored to provide something for everyone, ensuring that traditionally strong Norwegian segments, such as maritime research and development, finance, law, and shipbuilding, are represented, while international manufacturers and service providers have the ideal arena to showcase expertise and win new customers.
Alongside creating business connections, Nor-Shipping also works to build bridges between the generations. For maritime to pave the way forwards to a sustainable future it has to increase its visibility as a valid, and exciting, career path.
2019 will see a new set of initiatives aimed at attracting the best young talent to the industry, while strengthening bonds between the academic and business worlds. To reap the biggest rewards, maritime has to be inclusive, opening up to new generations whilst spanning cultural and gender divides, thus gaining the greatest variety of insights and perspectives. Nor-Shipping has a crucial role to play in this process.

Enduring impact

Although Nor-Shipping is once every two years, the event week has, and will increase, its on-going influence at all times. The brand is strong and has genuine international impact – allowing access to the Norwegian (and Nordic) marketplace and expertise, while providing a powerful business platform for industry actors worldwide.
The team plans to extend its reach even further outside the scheduled week and deliver added value throughout the year. This will see the launch of fresh activity, mirroring the opportunities opening up in our oceans, and, for the first time ever, Nor-Shipping initiatives will also take place outside of Norway.
The journey into the future of maritime has already begun. Nor-Shipping 2019 will help the entire industry chart the most profi table, future-oriented and sustainable pathway forwards.

Welcome to Nor-Shipping

  • The world’s leading maritime event week.
  • Representing the best Norwegian, Nordic and global maritime players.
  • Six exhibition halls, including one dedicated to the Nor-Shipping concept of Disruptive Sustainability, spanning 21,000 m2.
  • Around 1000 exhibiting companies, with 19 separate national pavilions.
  • The meeting place for maritime innovators, established businesses, external industry actors and the next generation of decision makers.
  • A unique programme of conferences, social activities and business gatherings designed to deliver lasting value.
  • 35,000 delegates attending the exhibition and associated activity.

Save the date: Nor-Shipping 2019 takes place from 04-07 June.

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