Midt-Norsk Havbruk, a part of the NTS-Group recently signed a deal to purchase a Nova Concrete feedbarge from Steinsvik. The barge measures 40×20 meters and has a expected lifetime of 50 years. It is certified for a significant wave height of 4 meters and can hold 600 tons of feed. The barge is built at Husøy dokk in Haugesund Norway.

Who: Ingrid Knutsen, Interior Architect What: Recently started the firm Studio IN, @studioin Where: Kristiansand, Norway Being an Interior Architect, I want to inspire others. It is important to me to use my creativity to create unique designs for each customer. TRENDS CHANGE I’ve noticed that more people want to use colour in their interior, […]

A theme that often comes back to me while working with new customers is the flooring, and that I have good advice. I think it is important to see the house as an entirety instead of room by room. And because the floor is such a big surface in several rooms, it can bring forth a connection between the different rooms throughout the house.