Whether you are in Norway or abroad, contacts are essential in order to acquire necessary information needed in making the right moves. Below, we give you contacts based in Norway and also in various countries globally.  NORWAY:   Oslo Chamber of Commerce Deutsch-Norwegische Handelskammer Chambre de Commerce Franco-Norvégienne   ABROAD:   Norwegian Chamber of Commerce Hong […]

Norway provides assistance and information for Norwegians in foreign countries all over the world and for anyone who is interested in Norway-related topics. The main representative institutions are Norwegian embassies and consulates and Innovation Norway. Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government’s most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. They are represented in […]

Get an overview of Norwegian governmental institutions, ministries, directorates and other usefull links. Government: Norwegian Government   Ministries Ministry of Agriculture and Food Ministry of Defence Ministry of Education and Research Ministry of Finance Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Health and Care Services Ministry of Labour   Ministry of Petroleum and Energy Ministry of […]

If you are planning on setting up your own business, you can seek advice from the Business Information Services run by Brønnøysund Register Centre and also from the web portal Altinn. Innovation Norway also provides information and have offices throughout Norway and abroad. Norway has a predictable business climate, high productivity rates and an open […]

During the 1990s banking crisis in Norway, Arne Hyttnes worked as a regional corporate lending director for Den norske Bank (now DnB NOR). Nearly two decades later, he is the leader of all of the country’s financial services and saving bank associations under the newly combined Finance Norway. In an interview with Norway Exports six […]

In September 2009, John Bernander became the new Director General of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises (NHO), Norway’s main employer union. He takes over at a time of relative prosperity for the country, which has emerged from the financial crisis relatively unscathed. That did not stop him from taking up a crusade for better productivity […]

Norway is unique. The country has the second largest GDP per capita in the world and has fared better than most through the recent financial crisis. While others have struggled with large budget deficits, falling GDP, and high unemployment, the country has emerged early from a mild recession with relatively low unemployment. Norway owes its […]

The Norwegian banking industry has been praised by the OECD for its conservative culture and stability in the wake of the financial crisis. Nowhere has this been more evident than with DnB NOR, Norway’s leading financial services institution. Not only did it not need to avail itself of government assistance via the Norwegian State Finance […]

Bergen is an historic Hanseatic city with a long history in trade. Investment and finance have always been an important part of the city’s vibrant business and industry. In addition, a strong professional environment at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration has contributed to make banking and finance a driving force for the […]

Norway ranks in the top ten worldwide in innovation, according to INSEAD’s 2009-2010 Global Innovation Index. Some of the country’s best ideas have even been sold through big international acquisitions, such as the USD3.4 billion sale of Norwegian video conferencing company Tandberg to Cisco. The country is working to develop more of this type of […]