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Working together – business region Bergen

Business Region Bergen (BRB) is a joint venture acting to keep the Bergen area as the most attractive region to work, live and thrive in Norway. The Bergen region has a diversity of business and industry, nature, culture and infrastructure,...

The region’s status as a leader within aquaculture, energy-related activities, finance, research and maritime operations makes it a natural magnet for those seeking career opportunities. Combined with the fact that this part of Norway is a very popular tourist destination and employs a significant number of people, these provide an excellent starting point for BRB activities that stimulate commercial activity, growth and renewal within the community – decisive for the region’s future.

According to Herman Friele, Chairman of the Board, “Business Region Bergen is promoting the Bergen region in Norway and in key regions in the rest of the world. Business Region Bergen will provide guidelines and help for innovators who want to settle down here, and BRB will facilitate access to industrial areas. Our mission is not to compete with skilled interest groups, but complement them.”

Attractive Across the Board

Business Region Bergen is an inter-municipal organization established to act in the best interest of business, organizations and employees throughout Hordaland County, highlighting the region’s competitive edge both nationally and internationally. Business Region Bergen works to ensure that Bergen and Hordaland County have the best conditions for people and companies’ value-added activities.

The organization was established in October 2007 by the Bergen municipality, Hordaland County Council and municipalities in the Bergen region to promote the region as an attractive venue for new and profitable business development, and with a main objective to create more long-term jobs.

BRB works to ensure the best conditions for people and companies. 
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Strength through Cooperation

The Bergen region has dedicated individuals, organizations and municipalities that are working for business development that will benefit all. Through Business Region Bergen, these stakeholders cooperate, making a powerful engine that can coordinate and stimulate innovation in the areas where the Bergen region can play an important role nationally and internationally.

Business Region Bergen provides service and guidance to people and businesses within a wide spectrum of topics. In addition to providing important information to those who want to start new businesses, BRB provides guidance to businesses to help develop employee skills, and also provides the basis for developing networks between stakeholders in various industries. Last but not least, Business Region Bergen plays an influential role in promoting innovation and development in the Bergen region.

Through the development of strategy, policy, lobbying, marketing and PR in close cooperation with stakeholders such as municipalities, network organizations, businesses and research throughout the Bergen region, BRB is playing an important role in the continuing development process.