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A theme that often comes back to me while working with new customers is the flooring, and that I have good advice. I think it is important to see the house as an entirety instead of room by room. And...

And because of that, the choice of flooring is one of the most important choices you make when you are renovating a house. The trends show us

All photos: Linda Elmin


that most people are choosing light hardwood floors, but no matter what colour you like, an investment in a quality hardwood floor with a timeless expression is something you will not regret. In our house, we chose Oak Andante White with Live Natural oil from BOEN/Sentrum Bygg in every recreation room. The floor creates a natural feeling of entirety in our house and is such a beautiful floor!

But when you have chosen a floor, there is another question that comes to mind: skirtings. In new houses, there are a lot of people that choose to not have skirtings at all, because they want a firm look. There is always a difference between older and newer houses, but I still believe that skirtings are the icing on the cake, and a worthy closure for beautiful hardwood flooring. Wide and profiled skirtings have a manorial and very nice look, but for this house I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, and that is why I chose skirtings without profile.

White or painted skirtings could give the expression of framing your wall, but at the same time create a distance to the floor. That is why we chose skirtings made of parquet in the exact same colour as our floor. It extends the floor up to the wall and make the room look bigger. A small advice: If you cut the skirtings with a 45-degree section you can avoid small slips, since the wood might expand or contract.


/ Linda Elmin

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You can find our floor Oak Andante White Live Natural oil here.