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Welcoming you home – inn Stavanger

Any move that a person or family makes is time consuming, and can be filled with uncertainties. The Stavanger Chamber of Commerce understands this, and through its INN (International Network of Norway) Stavanger programme has provided decades of assistance to...

The INN Stavanger program is administrated by the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce, providing benefits to member companies who want to help their new employees in getting the best possible start in the region. There are nearly 50 member companies in the programme, and the number is growing all the time. These companies understand the added-value that INN Stavanger provides newcomers to the region. Whether the newcomers are individual contract-workers, single employees, or an employee bringing his or her spouse and children to the region, INN Stavanger is prepared.

A group of hikers at Kjerag, 1000 metres above sea level. 

Wide Range of Assistance

Together with several relocation companies the region offers a wide range of assistance services includes real estate services, paperwork assistance, social and professional network building, pre-visit support, arrival orientation, immigration procedures, as well as a long line of other practical areas of assistance. In addition, INN Stavanger quickly helps newcomers gain an understanding of the vital practical elements in their daily lives. Information made available includes maps, a Norwegian driver’s license text book and an Information Guide that contains extensive information about the Stavanger region.

Changing a job and residence is always a challenge, and the change is even greater when moving to a new country with its different culture, language, and ways of doing business. INN Stavanger knows that each individual situation is different, and also works with each person or family in addressing individual questions that may have to do with such diverse areas as geography, history, politics, culture, daily life, safety and transport.

From Newcomers to Friends

As all cultures are different, INN Stavanger also provides an orientation to newcomers in order to better understand Norwegian society and the friendly locals here in the Stavanger Region. The orientation programmes and services include cross-cultural training, workshops for spouses applying for work, individual counselling, a helpline for questions, monthly news in English, and an arena for networking and social events.

Stavanger Chamber of Commerce and INN is continually developing its services to meeting changing needs. This cooperation also extends to schools, real estate companies, officials and spouse clubs to make moving – and settling in –
a lot less of a job and a little more fun. For those whom INN assists on behalf of client companies, lasting bonds are often created.

Swati Shah and Mohammed Mokthar at an INN Orientation Programme. 

Rusha Dorrestijn and Grada de Boer at the same orientation. 

“I have been directly seduced by the friendly atmosphere at the Chamber of Commerce, and impressed by Inger and Rachel’s energy(Editor Note: INN Stavanger employees Inger Tone Ødegård and Rachel Ketelaars). At the seminar we were informed about the regular activities organized by INN and invited to check out the website regularly as it is been put up to date often. Back at home, I went to check the section ‘New in Rogaland’ and found a very varied choice of invitations to several activities.”In their own Words
INN Stavanger offers services and support – with the goal of offering the human touch that makes a difference. Their work is making a difference. In the words of Joëlle Lagasse, “My first contact with INN was when I took the ‘Introduction Seminar’ that my husband’s company was offering to all spouses and employees. I found it to be an excellent way to be introduced to Stavanger and its region.”

Joëlle concludes, “The next time I went there, Inger and Rachel remembered my name and welcomed me as we had seen each other the day before, and from then I knew I wasn’t going to feel lonely very long here.” There are many stories from newcomers that have enjoyed the attention of INN Stavanger, including Iris Sitalsing. Originally from the South American country of Surinam, Iris arrived in the Stavanger region a few years ago as a result of her Dutch husband being transferred to the region as an employee of Norske Shell.

Iris did as many other newcomers do when arriving to the Stavanger – she went downhill skiing. Being a relative newcomer to the art of sking as well, Iris couldn’t help but overhear a Norwegian woman giving encouragement and guidance to a number of skiers. Believing that the woman was a cross-country ski instructor, which Iris had not done before, she asked if she and her husband could join the group. As luck would have it, the woman was Inger Tone from INN Stavanger – and although she was not a professional ski instructor – she asked Iris and her husband to join the group for a fun day of skiing.

This is how lasting relationships are created, and Iris has since enjoyed not only the support of INN Stavanger, but the friendship of Inger Tone and others from INN Stavanger. According to Iris, “I was here in Stavanger over three decades over, and was amazed how international the region has become. It is easy to make new contacts and friends, way beyond any expectations that I had before arriving here. When my husband is transferred in the future, I am really going to miss the Stavanger region!”

Taking a break at an INN skiing event in Sirdal. 

Marica Calbrese taking photos of the spectacular view of Lysefjord. 

Highest Quality of Life

Norway has one of the highest quality of life ratings in the world, and the Stavanger Region prides itself in representing the best of what can be found in this country. Economically, the region remains strong. With a flexible and talented industrial and business base, the Stavanger Region’s economy continued to grow in 2008 despite the international economic crisis.

Not surprisingly, the Stavanger region is an attractive destination for many temporary or permanent employees who relocate from other countries. Another reason that top professionals are moving to the Stavanger region is that there are so many cutting-edge companies and organizations in the country working within oil and gas, the food sector, research, medicine, and other areas of expertise. INN Stavanger members represent all of these vibrant sectors, and more.

Off to a Flying Start

Moving to Rogaland should be simple, safe and an adventure. Let INN Stavanger help you in the process, either when you are making your decision to come to the Stavanger region or once you arrive. Ask your employee or potential employer in the Stavanger Region if they are a member of INN Stavanger.

Yusef Ahmand sleighing for the first time, photo taken in Sirdal at an INN event. 

For more information concerning the program, see the website:
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Welcoming you to your new home – INN Stavanger!