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Veidekke Awarded New Opera House Contract

Statsbygg (the Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property) has today signed a third contract with Veidekke Entreprenør AS for construction work on the new Opera House in Oslo.

This contract is a result of negotiations following the tender competition and has a value of approximately NOK 152 million excluding VAT.

This is the third contract for the new Opera House that Statsbygg has awarded to Veidekke. The first contract, which covered ground and foundation work, had a value of approximately NOK 207 million excluding VAT. The second contract, for the substructures, had a value of approximately NOK 200 million excluding VAT.

When signing the contract, Veidekke’s President and CEO Terje R. Venold emphasised that Veidekke considers the contract both exciting and challenging. He expressed pleasure over the positive and productive collaboration between Statsbygg and Veidekke on the project so far, and said that he was looking forward to continuing their work together.

The work involves the construction of a weathertight, insulated building complete with roof and façades. This means extensive stone cladding work on the walls and roof, roofing, carpentry, work on windows and doors, metal façades, tinsmithing and masonry work.

Detailed planning has already started, while the actual construction work will start after Easter 2005 and be completed by Christmas 2006. This is in line with Statsbygg’s work schedule for the project. In the last year of the construction period the work will mainly consist of laying marble on the roof.