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Use Lamiflex for faster heating cable installation

The heating floor is placed directly underneath the wooden floor,

Lamiflex heating floors for dry rooms is quick and easy to install and the heating cables can be put in operation the same day as the wooden floors are laid over.

“We are currently using Lamiflex on all suitable installations. We have previously been using foil-based solutions, but we decided to try heating cables in plates instead because it is a more versatile and robust solution than foil. We tried different suppliers, but Lamiflex was the winner when it came to installation time,” contractor Morten Torp from Torp Elektro explains.

What is Lamiflex?

Lamiflex heating floor consists of plates covered in aluminium foil and filled with wood fibre. The key advantages with this low-profile heating floors is that it provides a comfortable and even heat distribution and has an impact noise reducing function. It is suitable for new constructions and its low build height (8mm) ensures that it is suitable for renovation projects as well.

Lamiflex can be placed on all load-bearing and levelled floors in dry rooms and is an excellent foundation for all tree, parquet and laminate floors.

The heating floor is placed directly underneath the wooden floor, which is ideal for the heat to transport quickly to the surface. A short heat up time will also provide the customer with lower electricity expenses.

The heating floor is adaptable and can easily be sawed to the required length. It has existing tracks to place the heating cable in, but if additional tracks can easily be cut out with a utility knife, if necessary. We recommend using the OS 30-21L 8W/m heating cable together with the Lamiflex floor. After placing the heating cable, you simply secure it with bits of tape, especially in corners. Finally, you tape lengthwise across the floor, to ensure the heating cable stays in place. Then it is ready for the wooden floor to be laid over.

Why is it important to reduce impact noise?

Residential houses have certain requirements regarding impact noise levels, which specifically concerns the soundproofing between units. Therefore, it is important to consider how these impact noises can be reduced. Wooden floors are generally quite compact, which leaves them more prone to creating impact noises.

If you install Lamiflex heating floors then the wooden floor does not come into direct contact with the load-bearing structure, which is often the culprit of creating echo noises. Lamiflex provides an impact noise reduction of -19 dB.

Lamiflex availability

Most electrical wholesalers in Norway sell Lamiflex, so it is available to all electrical contractors. If you want Lamiflex installed in your private home, we recommend contacting your local electrician.

Please note that our heating products are only available through Norwegian wholesalers.