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The capital of northern Norway

Known widely as the capital of northern Norway, Tromsø offers a wide range of activities and venues set against a backdrop of unequalled spectacular nature. The often-mild climate, friendly local population, majestic mountain ranges, white sandy beaches, endless sun during...

Those who have not experienced Tromsø will discover modern venues for congresses, conferences and other types of events. With nearly everything located within walking distance, participants get to know both each other and the local inhabitants – the result being a more enhanced event experience. This provides the ideal setting and synergies for not only the business programme, but for the companion programme, sponsor activities, as well as the opening, closing or other portions of your event.

Tromsø is easily accessible, with an international airport just four kilometres from the centre of the city offered daily flights available to and from other major cities in the country. For those who would like to experience Tromsø and the surrounding fjords by sea, the Coaster Express steamer (Hurtigruten) makes daily departures the entire year.

The people of Tromsø and the surrounding nature play an important part in the success enjoyed by events here in the city, providing an extra dimension to the experience. Memories of a well-staged event and their experiences here is something that participants will take home with them with fondness – until the next time they visit the city.

Activities for All

Events are just one part of promoting an event; and the city of Tromsø understands this, combining the best of nature with the latest in technology, logistic support, pure visitor comfort, and a wide range of activities that can be enjoyed by all involved. Summer activities include hiking, canoeing, bike riding, kayaking, late-night fishing trips or golf in the midnight sun; and the winter has a charm all of its own with all types of skiing, dog-sledding, ice-fishing, snow scooter trips followed by a traditional Saami meal in a lavoo (a Saami tent) – something that will provide life-long memories for all taking part.

The excellent venues, friendly locals and activities available all work together in creating a positive synergy effect that organizers and participants will enjoy long after their Tromsø event is completed.

Fotokonkurranse “Tidenes Tromsø-bilde”
Foto: Martin Eliassen []
Ersfjorden 16. februar 2007. Bildet viser nordlyset som speiler seg som en svane i vannet.

Tromso is often known as “the Paris of the North”, ideally located to observe the best of the Northern Lights.

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