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Statkraft in Turkey

Statkraft invests in hydro power - also in Turkey. When Statkraft acquired 95 per cent of Turkey’s Yesil Enerji last year, the portfolio also included seven potential hydropower development projects.

Cakit is the smallest of the hydropower facilities. It will have an installed capacity of 20 MW, or an annual production of 100 GWh. At the most, about 100 people will be involved in completing the project. Five are Statkraft employees, while the rest are employed by local contractor Merin.

“Construction is progressing nicely, and will be completed on time,” says Seyhmus Ickale, Statkraft’s Turkish project manager. Even though the Cakit facility is similar to facilities in Norway, it is different in some areas, explains Snorre Mossing, his Norwegian colleague.

“First of all, we are building canals in addition to tunnels to lead the water from the dam to the plant. Cakit is a typical river power plant without a reservoir, where we take the water we can get. This is why we estimate that the period from July to September, which is quite dry, will be used for maintenance. The gigawatt hours will be put to good use in any case. Turkey has more than 72 million people, and a population growth of 1.45 per cent per year.