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Simrad introduces affordable split beam sounder package for coastal vessels

Simrad introduces affordable split beam sounder package for coastal vessels

Simrad introduces affordable split beam sounder package for coastal vessels

Since Simrad introduced the first commercial civilian Sonar system in 1953, the goal of the company has always been to make high-technology equipment, affordable for the whole fishing industry. This has never been more true, with the introduction of a new affordable ES60 echosounder package, which provides high-level performance with low-level pricing.

At 21.000 EUR the new ES60 package represents amazing value for smaller vessels looking for a cost effective way to improve their catch. The package includes a Simrad Marine Computer, ES60 split-beam sounder software and the new ES38-10, 38kHz, 10¢ª transducer, powered by either DC or AC. The price point is approx 40% lower than any other comparable 38kHz split beam sounder available, bringing the excellent fish finding and fish sizing capabilities of the ES60 to a much wider market.

The Simrad ES60 is one of the most powerful multipurpose fish finders for the professional fishing industry. It was one of the world’s first echosounders to operate in Windows NT, offering a simple user interface and powerful functionality with the facility for quick and easy software upgrading.

Any amount of transceivers can be driven via an Ethernet network link, displaying any 4 at a time. This allows the user to select a large range of frequencies. The sounder can detect single fish down to 1300m and provides the skipper with a vast range of information to maximise the catch.

A separate gain control can be adjusted to indicate the qualities of the seabed to determine the fish environment. The ES60 was the first sounder to achieve this level of sensitivity and is even able to distinguish between fish and plankton. Where a high level of plankton is present, it can be filtered out to leave just fish marks, making the screen image much easier to read.

The ES60 also features a fish size analyzer in order to improve catch efficiency and vessel manoeuvring is aided by using the fish plot presentation, which indicates where the fish are within the area of the echo beam.

For further information on the ES60 package visit Simrad on stand G-704 at Nor-Fishing.