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Simrad chosen as main underwater electronics supplier to largest fishery new building in Denmark

Simrad has been selected as the main hydroacoustic equipment supplier for the new building 'HG333 Isafold NB 397', by Karstensens shipyard in Skagen Denmark.

Simrad has been selected as the main hydroacoustic equipment supplier for the new building ‘HG333 Isafold NB 397’, by Karstensens shipyard in Skagen Denmark. Simrad is a manufacturer of high-end underwater electornics for the professional fishing and fishery research markets, and part of Kongsberg Maritime’s subsea division.

Simrad will supply the SP93 sonar, which boasts several new features. The SP93 is well known among leading fishermen to have the cleanest picture, very good details on short range, fast and efficient stabilization, multi frequency and the longest range of all sonars availble to the fishing fleet.

The previous Isafold and Geysir vessels already have SH80 installed and owners of the new Isafold, Niels Jensen & Co have chosen the SH80 sonar for the new vessel also. The SH80 is used mainly for mackerel and capellin. It has excellent detection on mackerel compared to other high frequency sonar’s, and has a special feature where the skipper is allowed to see more details on schools in vertical view. With this feature skippers can evaluate schools without sailing directly over the fish, which can scare them away.

Isafold will also utilise the ES60 echo sounder, which features 4 kW 38kHz main frequency and split beam 120 kHz for size distribution, mainly of mackrel. It will also utilise the new 38/200 combi wide transducer for 32 X 32 beam width at 200 kHz, which can assist with several different kinds of fishing. With the new Simrad combi wide transducer, fish marks from the surface down to 100 meters will be more refined on the ES60. It is supplied with 2 processors and free selection of all frequency’s on both processors and monitors.

Simrad will also supply the new FS70 trawlsonar with vertical view and echosounder module installed. The FS70 Trawlsonar will display net geometry and where and how many fish are entering the net. It benefits from the same operation mode on low frequency sonars, high frequency and trawlsonar and features simple windows operation.

The Isafold will also use the Simrad AP50 autopilot system. Two AP50s will be installed with full back-up system for steering gear. The autopilots will be integrated with other steering gear onboard and connected to thruster system. Simrad’s award winning commercial autopilot features special fishery functions such as ‘auto heading’ to keep the vessel on the same course when at a standstill.

Additionally, Isafold will use Simrad supplied monitors throughout the bridge for the  various navigational equipment onboard.