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Servogear secure order for two windfarm support vessels

The Servogear Ecoflow Propulsor TM will again provide supreme bollard push capacity and maneuverability for two new vessels operated by Windcat Workboats.

Servogear has signed an order with Windcat Workboats to provide the Servogear Ecoflow Propulsor, a complete gear and propulsion package, for the vessels WC45 and WC46. With these two vessels, Servogear has provided energy-efficient propulsion technology for 22 of Wildcat’s vessels. The installations will be commissioned in Q2 and Q3 2019.

– It is very inspiring for us to extend our long-term and successful co-operation with Windcat Workboats by signing an agreement for another two vessels. Once again Windcat shows confidence in our technology and ability to provide high-quality equipment with short delivery times. Their vessels and requirements are a perfect match for our energy-efficient, yet powerful propulsion system, sales manager Martijn Bemelen states.

Windfarm vessels carry crew and equipment from shore to offshore wind farm installations. The vessel must offer a fast, safe and comfortable transit, as well as delivering reliable performance in often demanding conditions.

– When the vessels approach the offshore wind turbine, they need the highest possible bollard push and maneuverability available. At Servogear we are proud to be able to deliver our proven technology to Windcat once again, Bemelen says.

The vessels will have a top speed of 28 knots and are equipped with controllable pitch propellers that are 1075 mm in diameter. Servogear will also deliver shaft brackets, effect rudders, and intermediate shafting system, as well as HD220UL/UR reduction gearboxes. Servogear partner Brunvoll will provide the propulsion and steering control system.