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Seafood- Healthy & sustainable production

Norway is the world’s second largest seafood exporter and the equivalent of 35 million meals produced by Norway is consumed worldwide each day. Despite tough financial times around the world, the industry has been able to set yet a new...

Norway’s Introduction of Salmon Sushi to Japan
In the 1970s, Japan did not import a single piece of fish and it did not use salmon for sushi. That all started to change in the 1980s after a Norwegian seafood delegation visited the Asian country and Project Japan was formed. Today, Norwegian salmon is the sushi fish of choice among young Japanese.

Seafood Exports Continue Record Pace
For the seventh consecutive year, Norway has set new records in seafood exports. The country sold an unprecedented NOK 53.8 billion worth of fish and shellfish abroad in 2010. The numbers reveal the growing importance of China, the increasing dominance of aquaculture versus fishing, and a record pace of salmon exports.

Tough Tactics Against Sea Lice & Fish Escapes
A new study by Norway’s Institute of Marine Research shows that sea lice and escaped salmon pose the most important risk factors to the sustainability of Norwegian fish farming. The government has taken a proactive approach and is in the throes of tightening already one of the strictest aquaculture regulations in the world.

Setting the Standard for Fish Transport
In the spring of last year, Norway’s transport industry realized the country’s seafood industry had a huge problem. Norway had just implemented a requirement for a catch certificate on all Norwegian fish, but it still lacked a standardized labelling system for getting the fish to market. A new pilot programme launched this year hopes to solve all that.

The Marine Value Creation Programme
Recent times have proven the importance of consistently seeking ways to connect the strong Norwegian seafood industry with the global market. A strong contributor to this process is Innovation Norway which focuses on activities that facilitate success within the value chain that is strengthened every step of the way from harvest all the way to the final consumer.

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