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Scantrol introduces new Intelligent Symmetry Control

After two years of intense work and research, the new model replacing Scantrol 2000 autotrawl system is ready to be introduced on its first boats in January 2004.

After two years of intense work and research, the new model replacing Scantrol 2000 autotrawl system is ready to be introduced on its first boats in January 2004. Scantrol’s new model is more intelligent adding several new functions to increase the catching efficiency of the trawl without compromising the userfriendliness that has become a trademark of the Scantrol Systems.

Users of Scantrol 2000 have through the years returned very good reports of their experiences with the system finding it both efficient and user friendly. The system has for a long time been state of the art continuously adding new functions – as that of the Symmetry Control which initiated a new era of autotrawl systems. Although firmly established in the fisheries, Scantrol felt that their 2000 system no longer gave room to add the new functionality required to keep up with the demands for catching efficiency. This entailed the decision that it was time to move on and create a brand new model on a new platform.

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Today, after two years of research and development in close contact with the users, the Norwegian company is finally ready to launch a new generation of Scantrol Symmetry Control. The new system is intelligent, using information from different sources to improve the catching efficiency of the trawl. The Symmetry Control can use new parameters, like the speed of water flow in the trawl.

Operating on a Windows compatible platform, a new computer and monitor is designed to give a simple presentation with focus on what is important for monitoring and controlling the trawl geometry and catching efficiency. In the trawl panel the skipper will have information about the symmetry of the trawl, the wire lengths and the history of different parameters. The new history function is a graphic presentation that informs the skipper of how the trawl haul develops and gives him the opportunity to find back to the parameter status at any particular moment. This way it is easy to go back in time to get an overview and understanding of what really happened and compare different trawl hauls.

A new and important function allows the skipper to choose the sensitivity of the winches as he wishes. In different weather conditions and fishing situations the skipper may want the winches to be more active or more slow, or even tow with the brakes on. This model allows him to easily do this. Scantrol is also introducing an automatic mode that adjusts the sensitivity depending on the vessel movements.

Scantrol’s latest model has a new operating keyboard giving the users optional choices and more user friendly solutions. It is delivered with touch screen or normal LCD monitor of choice. The system will be on board the first fishing boats in January and will be ready for deliveries in February/March. Scantrol offers upgrades to fishing vessels already using Scantrol 2000, and it is also set up to easily upgrade all other types of autotrawl systems.