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Promoting Norway’s ICT Sector

IKT-Norge (ICT-Norway) is an interest group dedicated to creating the best possible framework for the continued development of the ICT sector in Norway. IKT-Norge is made up of three former organizations: the Norwegian Office Machine and Equipment Dealer's Association (KDL),...

At present, IKT-Norge has 382 member companies with a joint turnover of some USD 10 billion to which it offers consultancy, support and other services. Members include software manufacturers and importers; hardware manufacturers and importers; suppliers of telecommunications, Internet and multimedia products and services; ICT consultants; and manufacturers of office machines, office furniture and IT-based electronics.

Within Norway, IKT-Norge works to increase the market for ICT products and services, and to enhance the credibility of the ICT sector. It also promotes the use of ICT throughout Norwegian society, and encourages its member companies to participate in R&D projects.

In the international arena, IKT-Norge actively promotes the export of Norwegian products and services. The organization also acts as matchmaker for Norwegian and international companies, bringing them together in a dynamic Norwegian meeting place.

IKT-Norge has an exclusive cooperation agreement with the Norwegian Trade Council to implement initiatives that encourage Norwegian software companies to export their products and services. Success in the international export market is often based on partnerships and alliances. Therefore IKT-Norge works to both increase export sales of Norwegian software and to find Norwegian partners for foreign companies.

For further information about IKT-Norge, its services, and member companies, please contact:

IKT-Norge PO Box 546 Skøyen NO-0214 Oslo, Norway Tel: +47 22 54 27 40 Fax: +47 22 44 59 45 E-mail: bt@ikt-norge.no Website: http://www.ikt-norge.no