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Press Release: Anox AB and Kaldnes Miljoteknologi AS Unite to Increase Market Share

Tonsberg, Norway – We are pleased to announce that Kaldnes Miljoteknologi AS, a Norwegian company, has joined forces with Anox AB, a Swedish company to further increase their position within the global market of biological water and wastewater treatment. Kaldnes...

“It is a very exciting time at Anox AB as I can see great synergies creating an even closer relationship between the two companies,” says Thomas Welander, Managing Director of Anox. “The combination of our R & D capabilities and the global market coverage of Kaldnes gives us the opportunity to utilize the unique assets within the two companies and is sure to increase our market share substantially” continues Welander. “This is a great opportunity for Kaldnes to further develop the company and broaden the skills and expertise of our people,” states Terje Andersen, Managing Director of Kaldnes. “For us to have full access to the R&D capabilities that exist within Anox and their market expertise, particularly within the pulp and paper industry is a great asset for us. I am sure this is something that our customers will appreciate. We will be in a better position to continue our work and increase our focus in developing solutions for the future” says Andersen. “The two companies will both operate in the market but will coordinate their resources in an optimal way to increase the market coverage and to further increase the quality of support given to our customers all around the world” says Thomas Welander. For more information please contact: Thomas Welander of Anox, phone: +46 46 18 21 50 , E-mail: thomas.welander@anox.se, Terje Andersen of Kaldnes, phone +47 901 87203 , E-mail tea@kmt.no ————————————- Kaldnes Miljoteknologi AS (KMT) is a Norwegian company formed in 1989, which developed and patented the Kaldnes Moving Bed ™ Process for the biological treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater worldwide. There are more than 250 installations around the world and licensees in more than 20 countries. In addition to the main office in Tønsberg, Norway, Kaldnes also has offices in Providence, Rhode Island and Denver, Colorado USA. Kaldnes Miljøteknologi AS was awarded the prestigious Stockholm Industry Water Award in 2002 for its innovative Kaldnes Moving Bed ™ technology. Anox AB is a privately owned company based in Lund, Sweden, specializing in biological treatment of wastewater and soil. In addition to development and sales of new products and processes, it also provides expert consultant services, laboratory and pilot testing, training and education. Company representatives are located in the USA, Russia and Australia as well as the corporate location in Sweden.