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Parat Halvorsen To Supply Pressure Vessels And Cooling Water Skid For The Gorgon Project In Australia

The Gorgon Project is one of the world's largest natural gas projects and the largest single resource natural gas project in Australia's history. The Gorgon Project will develop the Greater Gorgon Area gas fields, located about 130 kilometres off the...

Parat Halvorsen AS is proud to announce that we have received a PO from Eptec Energi to supply 4 ASME pressure vessels and a complete cooling water skid for the Gorgon Project in Australia.

As mentioned the delivery consists of two horizontal cooling medium tanks an two vertical buffer tanks with internal electrical heaters. The vessels are manufactured in SA 316L stainless steel. All the vessels are to be designed according to the ASME code and U-stamped. Parat is per now the only Norwegian pressure vessel manufacturer who can supply ASME stamped vessels.

In addition to the vessels Parat is responsible for mechanical design and manufacturing of a cooling water package that among other items include the two horizontal cooling vessels. Parat has chosen to use its cooperation partner, M7 Offshore to do the mechanical and piping design for this package to take the pressure of an already hard working and busy engineering staff. We have had the pleasure to work together with M7 Offshore on earlier projects and feel very confident leaving this responsibility with this highly capable engineering company.

The manager for Offshore and Oil&Gas projects at Eptec, Mr. Steinar Nord has given the following statement in connection with the placement of the order with us:

”Parat Halvorsen was selected as our supplier for the ASME U-stamped pressure vessels in strong competition with international manufacturers. As a result it was a natural choice to also sub supply the complete cooling water skid to Parat as the vessels are a major component in this package and we saw many positive advantages of leaving the complete order with one experienced package manufacturer

EPTEC prefers to support Norwegian sub suppliers as long as they are in a competitive position. Norwegian sub-suppliers have a strong background and solid experience with Oil and Gas related systems which is critical for this package as it is required to comply with Australian regulations which are among the strictest regulations in the world.”