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Optimism in fisheries is good news to shipbuilding industry

Record number of shipyard exhibitors at Nor-Fishing 2004.

After a few turbulent years, optimism is back in the industry, and the future is looking very promising. This is indeed good news to the shipbuilding industry, which will be strongly represented at Nor-Fishing 2004. A large number of international and Norwegian shipyards will join the competition for the many shipbuilding orders the fishery industry is expected to offer in the near future.

“Oh yes, we are pleased to note a considerable increase in attention from the shipbuilding industry, and particularly so from yards in Eastern Europe”, Nor-Fishing director Mr Odd Berg says. He adds that many new and advanced fishing vessels will be at Skansen harbour during the exhibition.

Gondan Shipyard in Spain participates for the sixth time, and to commercial manager Daniel Scavuzzo it simply is a must to attend Nor-Fishing. Gondan has built many ships for Norwegians.
“We have registered the growing optimism in the industry, and at Nor-Fishing we meet the whole commercial chain that make up our business, and we get to present our expertise to potential customers and decision makers,” Mr Scavuzzo says. He also emphasises that they are looking forward to picking up new market trends and learning customer needs and preferences.

Norwegian shipbuilders have also picked up the positive signals from the Norwegian and international fishery industries. “This industry constitutes a very important market for us, and the Norwegian shipbuilding industry really needs a new boom,” Mr Birger Skaar says. He is managing director of the sale and marketing organisation Norwegian Shipbuilders. Basically, the Norwegian shipbuilding industry delivers 50% of the boats abroad and 50% to the domestic market. Questioned about the growing presence of international shipbuilders and particularly so from the eastern part of Europe, Mr Skaar says that it certainly means that competition is getting a lot keener. “They have, however, cooperated for quite some time with shipyards in the Baltic States and Poland, which have delivered hulls to Norwegian shipbuilders. Many have now started to deliver finished vessels at prices we are unable to compete with, and this situation, of course, is of great concern”.

“On the other hand, Norwegian shipowners have a strong focus on quality, and we know we are competitive in that department. We simply have to improve both in terms of quality and price, but I am convinced that we will see increasing prices from Polish yards in the years to come.
We will present our industry professionally at Nor-Fishing, and we expect to meet more potential customers from abroad this time,” Mr Birger Skaar says.

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