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Norwegian pizza to Middle East

Norway's leading pizza chain, Peppe's Pizza, has signed a deal with the Kuwaiti firm National Arabic Co. (NAC) to open Peppe's restaurants in Kuwait.

Norway’s leading pizza chain, Peppe’s Pizza, has signed a deal with the Kuwaiti firm National Arabic Co. (NAC) to open Peppe’s restaurants in Kuwait. The deal clears the way for the Norwegian chain in other countries in the region, and Peppe’s beat out several American chains for the contract, newspaper StavangerAvisen reports.

“With this franchise contract, based soley on the Norwegian business concept, Peppe’s takes its first step outside of the Nordic region,” said managing director Joannis Vendrig of Peppe’s Pizza.
The deal, which is provisionally for ten years, can be a launching pad for Peppe’s in the region, thanks to partner NAC’s presence in the restaurant sector in the Middle East.
Hanhi Kafani of NAC said that they were very pleased to have secured the rights for Peppe’s in the region, and they hoped to teach Kuwaitis to eat even more pizza. NAC has purchased rights and will also pay royalties during the contract period.
Peppe’s will handle all training of Kuwaiti personnel, much of which will take place in Norway. Peppe’s staff will also be present in Kuwait during the start-up period, StavangerAvisen said.
Peppe’s sells 2.8 million pizzas a year and is the largest pizza chain in Scandinavia with over 60 restaurants and delivery outlets. The company started in Oslo in 1970.