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Norsk Hydro sets the new standard for reservoir modeling with Roxar

Norsk Hydro Exploration and Production (E&P) has selected Roxar as the strategic partner for 3D reservoir modeling. Norsk Hydro takes a lead in reservoir modeling in the E&P industry by fully implementing 3D reservoir modeling as a standard working method.

Although 3D reservoir modeling has been employed on a case by case basis in research departments and among experts of several E&P companies for some time, only a few companies have implemented this technology as their standard methodology throughout their operations. In this transformation from the traditional 2D based workflow to a 3D workflow Norsk Hydro has selected Roxars Irap RMS portfolio as their key application and Roxar as their partner. This decision is a continuation of a 10 year relationship between Roxar and Norsk Hydro in developing 3D reservoir modeling technology and marks the transformation of this technology from a research initiative into a mature application. In addition to supplying 210 modules of its Irap RMS reservoir modeling portfolio, Roxar will assist in training several hundred Norsk Hydro geoscientists and engineers and work together with Norsk Hydro to establish optimal working methodologies taking full advantage of the application. “By choosing Irap RMSsimgrid as tool for generating reservoir simulation grids and property upscaling, the G&G disciplines and the reservoir engineer discipline will be even more integrated by using a common reservoir modeling tool (Irap RMS). I believe this will be an important issue for improving the quality and reduce time used for reservoir modeling within Norsk Hydro.” Says Ragnar Knarud, Norsk Hydro Geology Network Leader. “We believe our decision to go with Roxar will maximize the value from Norsk Hydro investments in data management solutions and software technology overall. The unique workflow management concept of Irap RMS will address Norsk Hydro requirements for standardized workprocesses and need for technology transfer yielding better exploration and reservoir optimization decisions in less time.” Says Trond Hanesand, Sub-Surface Information Systems Manager in Norsk Hydro E&P. Says Torkell Gjerstad, CEO of Roxar:”This is a mutually beneficial business relationship in which both organizations are contributing in establishing 3D reservoir modeling as a standard working method at large. As Norsk Hydro uses our technology and services during the next years, it will provide valuable input to Roxar as a total supplier.” For more information, please contact: Torkell Gjerstad, CEO, telephone: 51 81 88 10, cellular: 908 53 155, torkell.gjerstad@roxar.com