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Noreq solved safety problems and helped a Greek cruise ship to continue its voyage

On Tuesday 7 August, the cruise ship «Thomson Spirit» collided with another cruise ship - «Ocean Majesty» - on the Geirangerfjord in Norway. A lifeboat and the davit for a tender vessel were damaged. This resulted in «Ocean Majesty» being...
Noreq AS, a Norwegian manufacturer and equipment supplier from Husnes, saved the day for the Greek shipping company. A temporary solution was found in record time, and the ship was allowed to continue its voyage to Iceland. The solution consisted, among other things, of installing a new life-raft davit, thus ensuring the necessary safety until the shipping company is able to repair or replace the damaged lifeboat and davits.
Theodore Kontes from the shipping company Majestic International Cruises had the following comment:
“Fortunately, we quickly received help from Noreq in a deadlocked situation. Every extra day without passengers means major financial losses for us.”
«Ocean Majesty» is 135 metres long and has a registered deadweight of 10,417 tonnes. The vessels, which can accommodate 621 passengers, has a crew of 235.