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NICEVT releases MPICH-2 for Dolphin’s SCI hardware

The NMPI library shows excellent benchmarking results

The NMPI library shows excellent benchmarking results
NMPI is an effective and reliable implementation of the Message-Passing Interface (MPI-2) over the high speed SCI interconnect from Dolphin. In the project NICEVT uses MPICH2 – the open source implementation of MPI-2 developed by the Mathematics and Computer Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory.

In the first version the MPICH-2 RDMA interface is implemented over SCI. In future versions the MPICH-2 CH3 interface will be used.
NMPI 1.0 feature tests and benchmarks may be found on the NICEVT benchmark page (http://www.nicevt.ru/research/nmpi/benchmarks.html?lang=en).

Benchmarks of NMPI 1.1 on Intel Itanium 2 are also available. Other benchmarks and tests of NMPI 1.1 will be published soon.
NMPI is open source software – it is distributed under a FreeBSD like license. You may download NMPI from NICEVT’s download page (http://www.nicevt.ru/download/index.html?lang=en). Install and user guide may be found on the install page (http://www.nicevt.ru/research/nmpi/install.html?lang=en).

If you have any questions, comments or difficulties with this software, please email (mailto:nmpi@nicevt.ru) your question to NICEVT.


NICEVT or Joint Stock Company “Science and Research Center on Computer Technology” in Moscow Russia is well known for advances in computer technology since 1948. The company is a long time partner of Dolphin with production capability for Dolphin’s hardware and extensive knowledge of the products and technology.

About Dolphin Interconnect Solutions

Dolphin Interconnect Solutions of Clinton, Massachusetts (USA) and Oslo, Norway provides high-speed, high-bandwidth interconnect products based on the Scalable Coherent Interface (SCI). The Dolphin SCI adapter cards have the unique advantage of enabling a direct link from a processor to remote memory in a multiprocessor system. They can be used directly in all systems with a PCI (PMC or cPCI) bus or carrier and under a variety of operating systems and processors. Dolphin interconnects provide very low overhead communication, extremely low latencies and high throughput, all vital factors for communication that requires frequent transfer of small data packets, like databases and computer-aided engineering. Dolphin products are also used in a wide variety of embedded applications and for cost-effective, highly scalable, computer clusters.