Wants to digitalize the aquaculture industry

AKVA group's investment in digital solutions will optimize growth for the fish farming industry. By investing in young talents, future-oriented technology and sustainable solutions, AKVA group is in the driver's seat of the digital journey.

There will always be new challenges to solve as long as the farming industry exists. AKVA group wants to take on the responsibility of solving this. We work to create good and better digital solutions. I am proud to be part of an attractive workplace that focuses on technology and innovation through digital solutions,” says Product Owner for Apps and Equipment Amalie Arntsen, who started as an intern at AKVA group in 2018.

Arntsen, who is responsible for the development of digital apps, creates solutions to optimize operations for the farming industry, with a focus on innovation and fish health.

“We have recently launched the AKVA control app which is part of AKVA fishtalk. The app makes recording biological data on pens and docks much easier. This is not just an app that simplifies everyday life, but it can potentially also give the farming industry value for further growth,” says Arntsen.

Seamless solutions are the future

Being a pioneer for a better future has been the driving force ever since AKVA group was established. AKVA group started by creating good solutions for traditional aquaculture, such as AKVA fishtalk and management systems at feeding facilities, to take a step into the future by creating integrations with seamless solutions.

“Arntsen shows that she is passionate about creating digital solutions for the aquaculture industry. We need curious and competent minds in AKVA group, who can develop good digital solutions for the aquaculture industry. We depend on seamless programs to make operations more efficient for the farming industry,” says CDO Asle Kjetil Bratteli in AKVA group.

In the driver’s seat of the digital journey

Digital solutions are the key to sustainable growth in the aquaculture industry. With the help of ambitious people who want to make a change, and have an interest and curiosity about the challenges the aquaculture industry faces, AKVA group manages to digitize the aquaculture industry. The driving force in AKVA group is the diversity of people with broad competence and education of all ages.

“AKVA group will deliver global solutions that ensure a sustainable and efficient farming industry. One example of this is combining artificial intelligence and people, which is essential for achieving good digital solutions. One does not work without the other. Our ambition is to be involved in changing the aquaculture industry by taking the driver’s seat on the digital journey,” says Bratteli.