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VULKAN Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (VTI) Team gets Platinum Award in AOTs Q C Convention

AOTs is a nonprofit organization,

second national AOTs Quality Circle convention was held on February 18th of this year at Pune. The convention was supported by FAAAI – Federation of AOTS Alumni Associations of India. The main objectives of this event were to share the best Japanese Management Practices for Manufacturing and Service industry; to provide platform and opportunities for the participants to exchange views and experience with other enterprises; and to open out new avenues by learning from other organizations.

AOTs is a nonprofit organization, a close knit of 71 countries established in 1959 and having head office in Tokyo; Japan. It has training centers in Osaka & Tokyo. AOTS is supported by Government of Japan. The Faculties of the organizations are experts from renowned Japanese industries viz Toyota, Honda, Suzuki. Over 250000 trainees have taken training so far. The Ex Trainees have formed 71 societies all over the world contributing to upgrading of Human resources in their countries or region.

VTI had sent a team of five persons for the convention for the first time. Total sixty-three teams from various industries had participated. The VTI members were Mr. Pradeep Ramakrishna; Mr. Tushar Khirid; Mr. Suraj Jathar; Mr. Onkar Pawar and Mr. Akshay Chiplunkar. The team gave a presentation on an Improvement Project “Achieving Cleanliness of Fuel Rails up 500 microns at Millipore Test “. Fuel rail is a product which VTI is manufacturing for Ms. Perkins India Private Limited; a Caterpillar group company. This product has major requirement of Cleanliness which was not achievable with the previous supplier resulting in frequent customer complaints.

So VULKAN India was approached by the customer to take up the challenge to develop this product. Currently VTI is supplying 6 types of fuel rails since Feb 17 and total 3000 Fuel Rails have been supplied so far. VTI Team gave a presentation on this project for 15 minutes followed by Q A section. The team fared well in the presentation and received Platinum Award. (Highest Level Award with score 91% or more).