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Voice of India’ wants to be heard and selected Vizrt

Vizrt Ltd. today announces that Triveni Media Limited's Voice of India, part of the Triveni conglomerate, has selected Vizrt's creation, management and real-time rendering systems with associated plug-ins for their National Channel and for a slew of to-be-launched Regional Channels.
The new solution will replace the Network’s existing Graphics systems that were procured just 4 months ago. The Network’s personnel have undergone creation & operations training and have already started using Vizrt’s solution as part of their day-to-day operations.
Voice of India is the latest addition to Vizrt’s already substantial customer base in India of some 70 channels. This quarter alone, 8 new channels in India have signed up for Vizrt solutions, with a cummulative deal size of over 2 million dollars, some of it included in the backlog Vizrt reported in August.
TML – Voice of India Network’s CEO – Rahul Kulshreshta explains, “On-screen graphics play a crucial role in building channel loyalty. It was an apt decision to adopt Vizrt’s graphics solutions, known for their speed-to-air, design quality, flexibility and sturdiness, at this stage to regain the lead in viewership in our addressable market.”
Bjarne Berg, Vizrt’s CEO, stated, “The growth we are experiencing in the Indian market is typical of what we are seeing in a lot of rapidly emerging economies where numerous new channels are being launched. As we offer state-of-the-art easy to learn and operate solutions, we are in a great position to capitalise on network and channel growth as the current deal flow proves.”