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Vestdavit chosen for the Polar generation

Project specifications include a dynamic shock absorber system,

An order to supply the davits for three new Norwegian Coast Guard vessels represents a commercial highlight for this or any other year, but Vestdavit’s latest contract calls not only for an additional deck-mounted transfer system for rapid deployment but for systems   equipped for polar conditions.

Vard Group is currently part-way through the P6615 project to replace the Norwegian Cost Guard’s Nordkapp-class ships with a new generation of search-and-rescue, surveillance, and oil recovery vessels. The 136m length newbuildings have been developed for worldwide operations including arctic areas and will feature ice-strengthened hulls and ice-class notation on their delivery from Vard Langsten, Norway, one apiece in 2022, 2023 and 2024.

The continuing surge in expedition cruise activity and the movement of fishing fleets farther north are combining to heighten both the SAR and surveillance commitments of the Coast Guard in Arctic waters, where fast and reliable davit operations remain critical mission requirements.

Each of the three vessels will come complete with one telescopic TBD-10000L davit system  plus two PLR-5003KV units, winterized for full functionality in temperatures as low as -25deg C, as required in the Polar Code. They will also be built to Vestdavit standards for minimum availability of 330 days a year up to upper Sea State 5, based on actual North Sea conditions 1958-2018.

Project specifications include a dynamic shock absorber system, Vestdavit’s constant tension wave-compensating solution and hydraulic boat-guiding arms. In addition, the Coast Guard has specified a wagon-based boat transfer system operating on deck-mounted rails that draws on the same power unit as the TDB- 10000L. With a pair of wagons/cradles, the solution includes elements of our patent-protected MissionEase multi-boat transfer system  and can present two boats to the davit in quick succession for rapid deployment.

The complete order also includes a 3/5 ton telescopic painter boom to run parallel to the ship and pick up the painter line to keep auxiliary boats at a safe distance to the ship’s side, controlled from the boat launching operators station.

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