Together for a green, safe, and sustainable future

SAR had a visit from important collaboration partners for brainstorming and exchange of opportunities around sustainable waste management.

Ståle Undheim and Gry Isabel Sannes represented Sola municipality, and Anne Marie Lofthus represented Klimapartnere.

The meeting, held on January 19th, was led by SAR Director of HSMK & Sustainability Karen Aanestad, who was joined by colleagues with wide expertise in environmental consulting and business development. The goal of the meeting was to explore how SAR can contribute and learn how SAR works to make the waste flow more sustainable and safe. Collaboration between different actors is at the core of SAR’s work, and is crucial to achieving goals for a greener, safer, and more sustainable future.

The agenda included relevant and important topics such as:

  • Waste flow and logistics
  • Waste treatment in SAR
  • Analysis and quality assurance of waste in the lab
  • Our work to reduce waste to landfill
  • Our work towards the reuse of waste for new products
  • Mapping & reducing carbon emissions.