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The world’s first floating tidal power plant

The world’s first floating tidal power demonstration plant, Morild 2, with a capacity of 5 GWh or 5 million kWh, was this week deployed at Gimsøystrømmen, near Svolvær in Lofoten.

The plant, operated by Hydra Tidal, produces clean, renewable energy, enough to power 250 households.

Enova, owned by the Norwegian Oil and Energy Ministry, has granted 23 MNOK in subsidies for building the prototype.

– There exists lots of energy in ocean currents, coastal currents and tidal currents along Norway’s long coastline. We believe it’s possible to harness a significant amount of clean energy from these sources and Morild II will prove this, Eivind Nydal, Managing Director at Hydra Tidal says.

The Tidal management says to Aftenposten that they have already noted interest in the project from abroad.

– We make use of an energy source that is always there. A number of countries, in addition to Norway, have a coast swept by mighty forces, Nydal says.

Enova chief Nils Kristian Nakstad says it is important that Norway gets into the position of a leading nation in the development of new technology for new energy.