The most important things to consider when choosing your CCTV solution for maritime application

Whether constructing a cargo ship, tanker, ferry or cruise ship, the first and foremost priority of any shipyard should always be safety.

In order to satisfy the industry’s rigid safety standards, implementing an extensive, qualified and DNV-approved CCTV system is paramount – but identifying the optimal CCTV solution for your project can be challenging.

In this article, we take a closer look at the most important aspects to consider when choosing a CCTV system for maritime applications.

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Finding the right balance between quality and cost-efficiency

Although an important one, CCTV is just one piece of the puzzle when designing and constructing a ship. Shipyards rely on a multitude of, suppliers and installers – providing everything from décor, windows, and electrical wiring to sonar, echo sounders, and CCTV – and utilizes the expertise of a consulting company to piece together the puzzle.

In collaboration with the shipyard and the end user, this consulting company will draw up a list of detailed specifications for each aspect of the ship.

It is close to impossible for consultants to have the needed expertise in all areas related to the construction of a ship and therefore they must be able to rely on their suppliers and installers to provide the best and most cost-effective solution for their individual area.

Naturally, all involved parts opt to find the most affordable solution but anyone that has been involved in the construction of a ship knows that this is rarely, or never, the end result. The real challenge for suppliers and installers is balancing cost-efficiency and quality and being able to substantiate your suggestions.


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