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The government has chosen the concept of the Ocean Space Center

The government has decided to continue the work to realize the Ocean Space Center in Trondheim. The goal of society is to ensure value creation through competitive Norwegian harbor industries. Quality assurance establishes that the investment is economically profitable and...

This was announced by the Ministry of Industry and Fisheries today.

The Ocean Space Center is the future laboratory and knowledge center for the ocean space, a major national venture for research, innovation and education; under the direction of SINTEF and NTNU.

The planning of the Ocean Space Center started in 2005, and various concepts have been investigated. In March 2018, SINTEF and NTNU presented a modified concept, now quality assured according to the state project model, called KS1 of Supplementary Analysis.

Quality assurance shows that the concept is economically profitable. On this basis, the government has decided to continue its work into a project clarification phase, called the OFP. During this phase, key elements of an investment decision will be clarified.

The quality assurance indicates that the Ocean Space Laboratories concept will provide increased revenue to SINTEF Ocean and NTNU, direct added value for the use of the laboratories and increased quality that more than offset investment costs. The concept is therefore economically profitable.

-This is an important milestone. Now we have a robust and good concept, but the planning has taken a long time, and today’s laboratories are getting dodged and outdated. Rapid progress towards development is therefore critical for Norway as a leading port, says SINTEF CEO Alexandra Bech Gjørv.

“To be competitive internationally, we must educate candidates with relevant expertise for the future of the marine industry. Good solutions for education in collaboration with research activities are crucial, and together with Sintef we have now put in place a forward-looking concept that meets the needs. We are pleased that this is given great weight in the assessment of social benefits, “says Gunnar Bovim, Rector at NTNU.

– Both SINTEF and NTNU conduct world-leading research in this infrastructure. The laboratories are the most important tool for research, innovation and education, and it is critical of predictable progress in modernizing the infrastructure so that we can develop Norway’s technology nation and create a centerpiece for the development of marine technology, says Bovim and Gjørv.