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Special Norwegian vessel takes U.S. destoyer home

Norwegian shipping expertise is helping the United States bring home The USS "Cole", which was heavily damaged by a terrorist action off the coast of Yemen earlier this month. The damaged destroyer is being loaded onto the Norwegian ship "Blue...

“It is a demanding job, technically speaking, but we have carried heavier loads before,” said Jan Foss, technical manager of the Oslo-based shipping company Offshore Heavy Transport. The “Blue Marlin” is specially designed to transport large, floating objects, such as oil rigs. By filling ballast tanks with sea water, most of the hull of the “Blue Marlin” can be submerged to a depth of 10 metres, allowing it to move under the floating object to be freighted. The tanks are then emptied and the ship rises, lifting the object — in this case an American warship — gently out of the water for transport.