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Semcon develops digital product information for Polestar’s upcoming car model.

Semcon has been commissioned to develop the digital workshop information for one of Polestar’s upcoming electric vehicle models. The new project involves diagnostics, service and spare parts information and is planned to run through end of 2023.

Making sure that workshop technicians can perform service and repairs as effectively as possible requires accurate diagnostics information for troubleshooting, as well as service and spare parts information. Semcon’s extensive experience in creating digital information solutions ensures that workshop technicians are given the right conditions to work with Polestar’s upcoming electric vehicle model.

We’ve created both diagnostics and user information as well as digital learning for Polestar in previous projects, and have broad experience in complex deliveries in the automotive industry. This makes us a reliable choice and I am very pleased that we have been entrusted with this assignment.

David Sondén, General Manager Product Information Sweden at Semcon

The project will run until end of 2023 and Semcon is contributing with a broad mix of skills and expertise, such as diagnostics engineers, method developers, illustrators and spare parts engineers. The international team will be comprised of up to 20 employees in Sweden, Hungary and China.

Digital product information tailored to the target group brings several benefits for companies, such as increased uptime, more efficient service and maintenance, and a better user experience, which strengthens the company’s relationships with its customers.

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