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Redefining data security in ports, harbors and at sea

Keep your sensitive information safe and prevent unwanted insight with Hatteland Technology’s cutting-edge TEMPEST certified 32-inch ultra-high-definition Rugged Marine Display.

As the amount of sensitive data collected and stored by naval ships and vessels continues to surge, as does the risk of damaging system breaches and unwanted insight through leaking emanations – including unintentional radio and/or electrical signals, sounds and vibrations.

The potential ramifications of a system breach make data security a forced priority, applicable to all susceptible networks, devices and components aboard a naval ship. TEMPEST equipment in a naval environment are used to reinforce the existing security, display providing sensitive information must comply with TEMPEST in order to certify that the Hardware are secure.

– At Hatteland Technology, we recognize the difficult challenges, harsh environments and high standards in a market that is completely committed to security in everything it does, says Brede Qvigstad, Sales Director and Head of Naval & Defense at Hatteland Technology.

– As such, we are pleased to introduce a new product to our expanding portfolio of high-quality, high-security TEMPEST certified HMI monitors.

For more than 10 years the naval industry has been using TEMPEST approved display to protect their data. However, when designing or upgrading a combat room or a wheelhouse in a vessel it is important to be able to choose between several size of display depending on the available room and footprint.


Unique rugged 4K displays with a 32” inch screen Certified with TEMPEST

This new addition is a cutting edge 32-inch ultra-high-definition 4K LED-screen tailored for the ship’s combat and tactical rooms, as well as on the bridge, featuring enhanced color and image quality due to optical bonding.

Optical bonding technology greatly enhances the viewing performance, reliability and lifespan of displays installed in harsh maritime environments with continuously changing lighting conditions.

– We believe this is a fantastic product with few comparable competitors on the market. It is a truly unique display that will help you keep your sensitive information safe and prevent unwanted insight, says Qvigstad.

Certified by the NSM

Engineered to provide naval installations with the latest innovations in a combination of technologies, the Rugged Marine Display is a high-quality product that satisfies the strict requirements for both TEMPEST and MIL certification. The displays meet IEC 60945 standards and is IACS E10 approved. In addition, it fulfills the MIL-STD-810 F&G, MIL-STD-167-1A and MIL-STD-461 F&G.

See our MIL qualified product range

Hatteland Technology works closely with the Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) when developing TEMPEST products for military and naval application.

Boasting some of the most stringent requirements in the world, the NSM has certified the ultra-high-definition displays for military and naval application.

– Our TEMPEST and NSM certified product portfolio are currently in an expansion phase, and the in addition to the existing 19-inch and the 32-inch (4K) displays more sizes will be available. A 55-inch and 24-inch, both in 4K resolution are to come, comments Qvigstad.


Proven track record of high-quality delivery

In the last decade Hatteland Technology has established a positive reputation and a proven track record of delivery to the naval and defense market, providing tailored solutions that combine the highest quality hardware products with the latest technology.

We believe that the key to offering a top-class product is to truly understand the needs, challenges, specifications, standards and environments of the naval and defense market and engineer all our products in accordance with this understanding.

All our products are developed based on four focus points: Quality, reliability, longevity and performance.

Our cutting edge, TEMPEST certified 32-inch ultra-high-definition Rugged Marine Display is a result of sophisticated design techniques, meticulous manufacturing processes, stringent testing programs established through more than 30 years of experience.