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Our new floors 2020

Nature displays the most incredible colours and materials that give us great inspiration and are becoming more and more important for us. This is what our new floors are based on, the importance and inspiration from nature.

The longing for naturalness, a life in harmony, and protecting our environment are all playing an ever greater role. That is why we are focusing on bringing you the raw and authentic feeling of wood with our new products Oak Senses and Oak Authentic. For greater cosiness and presence in the room, we have developed a subtly smoked oak that lends a room a certain something with its distinguished sense of reserve.

It is important for us what is trending in the market, and what our customers want. With our project Their style. Your floor, we got to explore this on another level with the help of influencer Elisabeth Halbjørhus and Claire Totman. In May 2019 we invited them to our R&D department in Switzerland to collaborate with our team on developing new colours for our new products 2020. Oak Foggy Brown is the result of Elisabeth’s work, and is a beautiful dark brown colour inspired by the natural elements earth, water and air. Oak Misty Grey is the result of Claire Totmans work, and is a product made for the project market. This floor has a beautiful dusty grey colour.

We also see that traditional patterned floors again are becoming more relevant. We are now launching Chevron, which is an old pattern dating back to the Bronze Age. An oak strip whose shape revives the wonderful traditional laying patterns. With its straight lines shaped as an arrow, this floor creates a stylish and elegant atmosphere. Available from 1st of April 2020.

Explore all of our new products and choose your favourite floor.

Oak Authentic

The planks look like freshly sawn oak that presents the colour and characteristics of the wood in a bright and clear manner, which also brings forth an authentic look. The surface is oiled with Live Natural which preserves the natural colour of the floor, and also protects it. The sanded and brushed surface gives the wood a warm presence.

Oak Senses

This floor plays on originality of the wood where cracks and knots are carefully filled in by hand. This creates a very special floor which gives each plank an individual and sincere look. With our Live Natural oil surface treatment the floor looks like it has been freshly sawn. For a bright and clear look and special feel. Available in smooth and brushed surface.

Oak Misty Grey

“I wanted to create a more rustic version of the Arizona Oak as I have used this previously on a project. I knew I wanted to go more grey and with a deeper and more rustic wood grain with depth and texture. The black pores in the wood grain were just beautiful.” Claire Totman

Oak Foggy Brown

“Foggy Brown is a color based on trends with inspiration from three of our four elements, earth, water and air. I wanted to create a dark earthy floor that works both good with the light warm and very popular color palette, as well as the darker ones as green, grey, brown and blue.” Elisabeth Halbjørhus