Focus on the customer: - We have made the order portal as user-friendly as possible, so that it will be easy to set up an RFQ (request for quote) or an order and not least that the correct product is ordered, says Kent Moore in Beerenberg.
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Order insulation products online

Beerenberg is now launching a dedicated web portal for online ordering of Benarx®'s standardized insulation products.

Common practice for the insulation industry – and thus also for Beerenberg – is that prefabricated insulation products have been ordered in all possible formats. Most of it is made-to-order, either from MTO´s or field surveys with the help of measuring equipment, pen and paper (and now partially replaced by digital scanning).

Focus on the customer
Many have thought about the idea that the products should also be able to be ordered in more standardized formats and finally the solution has arrived.
– We have made the order portal as user-friendly as possible, so that it will be easy to set up an RFQ (request for quote) or an order and not least that the correct product is ordered, says Kent Moore, who is responsible for the production of Benarx products at Beerenberg’s factory. In the last year, he has also been the project manager for the development of the ordering portal.

Cheaper and faster

Basically, it is prefabricated products within pipe insulation and cladding as well as accessories that can be ordered.
– In reality, we have digitized the usual ordering process the industry has had for a number of years. In the ordering portal, you still follow the processes of request (RFQ), offer and order. For established customers or customer-projects with pre-set contractual prices, you can of course order directly without issuing an RFQ first.

The advantage for customers is that Beerenberg can offer the standardized products at a lower cost and with faster delivery.

Easy to order

Since the beginning of the 2000s, Benarx® has been the leading product line in insulation for the oil & gas sector. Through streamlining processes, such as the ordering portal, Beerenberg now offers the products at competitive prices also in industrial projects, transportation system and the construction industry.

What prior knowledge is needed to be able to order the products offered?
– Our products are delivered exclusively to business customers (B2B), and for a successful delivery, the customer must have some knowledge of prefabricated insulation and cladding products in addition to having an understanding of what kind of needs the products must fulfill, says Kent Moore.

A tutorial video is available on the front page of the portal, which provides answers to most things. In addition, the product pages on have also been updated, where you can immerse yourself in all the products and insulation solutions.
The address of the order portal is, at the same time as it is fully integrated in