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Norway Exports Seafood, Fishing & Aquaculture

In 2017, Norway exported NOK 94,5 billion worth of seafood, which is an increase of 3 % year on year. 36 million meals of Norwegian seafood were consumed globally on a daily basis and Norwegian companies sold 2.6 million tons...

Norway is the world’s second largest seafood exporter and the top list of exporting markets include Poland, Denmark, France, the UK, the US, Netherlands, Spain, Japan and Portugal. Despite tough financial times around the world, the industry has yet again been able to set yet a new export record.With success and increased production follow challenges. Sea lice, fish health and sustainability are often emphasized and there is an ongoing focus on research and technology to meet new demands.  In this issue of Norway Exports Seafood, Fishing & Aquaculture, there is a focus on innovations and research projects within the mentioned areas.    There is currently a focus on how to use technology to increase aquaculture production and make sure the growth is sustainable. As a part of this work, the industry has turned towards petroleum technology and the option to move a part of the salmon production from the fjords and out in the ocean. As this demands new and more robust farming sites, research and testing is necessary. Lately, however, several projects for building new cages have been launched and a few are already under production.   Similarly, there is constant research going on to make the fish feed more sustainable both for the fish and for the water. The feed should help farm healthy fish and also not compete with human feed. The world sees increased competition for food resources, and there is a need for more diverse feeds. The industry now sees to alternative sources to find feeds not consumable to humans.

In this issue of Norway Exports Seafood, Fishing & Aquaculture, you will find cutting-edge Norwegian companies within seafood, fishing and aquaculture that provide their products or services on the global market.  There is also a series of articles that give you a more in-depth understanding of the Norwegian fishing, processing and seafood industry’s present focus and activities.