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Norsk Sjømat Group, Norwegian champion on smoked salmon 2005

Norsk Sjømat Group produces and sells salmon products, white fish and pelagic products at its’ factories in Stranda, Vigra and Bud (Norway).

The Group had a turnover of  467 million NOK in 2004 and has approx. 200 employees.
Estimated turnover for 2005 is 600 million NOK.
Per Magne Grøndahl is the principal owner and manages the Group.
Approx. 70% of our turnover is exported to various markets around the World.
Our Group is among the biggest salmon processors in Norway, and the wide range of products found in our spectre is quite unique.


We are proud to announce our 8th. prize for our processed salmon, and this year Smoked Salmon from Norsk Sjømat Group was awarded Norwegian Champion.
Through the years, HoReCa has been a segment given much attention to by Norsk Sjømat AS.  The last few years Norsk Sjømat AS has put more emphasis on further developing products adapted to the retail market, where we have had very positive results within the markets of Scandinavia and Europe.


We feel that the key to our success has been our focus on always taking the customers’/consumers’ requests and needs into consideration through adjusting product’s flavour and presentation.   For each market we adapt salt content to suit those particular consumers, and such details will remain of great importance for us also in the future.


Great competition in the world wide market has created much pressure on pricing; which again has forced some producers to focus less on the quality. We have strong belief in using fresh raw materials from farms nearby in our processing.  We want to give the consumer complete satisfaction with a higher quality product rather than a low price product. We trust that the consumers prefer quality before low price products.


Norsk Sjømat AS’ tradition of smoking salmon goes way back from the early 80’s, and the company was originally founded as a pure salmon smokehouse.  Tradition has and will always remain as an “ingredient” in our production.  Today, the smoked items make approx. 900 tons per year from a total production of 6000 tons salmon products.


All of us from Norsk Sjømat Group want to thank the Jury for choosing our smoked salmon as best in its’ class.  Needless to say, this delicious treat is something you wouldn’t want to miss.


We hope that the competition will contribute to making quality and ensuring supply an even more important criteria in offering smoked products to all consumers through retail as well as HoReCa in the years to come.
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