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Nogva celebrates 100 years

"If the engine starts, we go to a party in Ørsta", said the brothers Daniel and Lars Nogva to each other in 1913.

100 years after they built the first engine it is time to celebrate again.

During the 100th anniversary 31 August, 11 employees were handed the medal for long and faithful service.

“It’s a shame there is nothing in the accounting about the value of having loyal and talented employees. To honor the employees with a medal for long and faithful service is important and positive”, says CEO Kjell Norvoll in Nogva Motorfabrikk AS.

Today Nogva Motor Factory is the supplier of several of the world’s leading engine manufacturers, in addition to the company producing its own marine gear and propeller systems.

To read more, visit (in Norwegian) or read more about the company here (English).