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Interior trends 2020

As we have entered 2020 we are closing a decade of colours of white and grey, and stepping into a new decade with a bigger focus on brighter colours.

Earthy colours are especially something we are seeing more of, beige, brown, blue, yellow and green are all a part of a new colour palette. We are being more aware of using natural materials like wood, glass, ceramics, rattan and also sustainability and products of high quality. Nature is not only important to us but it is also a source of inspiration that we want to bring into our home.

Patterned flooring is again relevant, and the traditional herringbone and chevron back in vogue. We want to bring in the warmth from a wooden floor and at the same time add something special to our home. We dare to mix the traditional with the modern, herringbone pattern can to be found in new and modern apartments as well as in old and venerable houses.

The personal style has been important for a long time and will continue to be. We don’t need to define our style but, we want our home to represent who we are and what we like. Personality applies equally in the home as it does in fashion, identity and behaviour.

Together with natural materials, modern and inspiring décor is a focus area. The 70´s is also coming back, yet in more modern shapes and colours. Wood is a material that is in the spotlight: kitchens in light or dark oak together with hardwood flooring and other furniture made of wood is no longer too much. We combine more colours, and quality is a key word. With a bigger focus on environment the throwaway mentality diminishes, and we are more likely to invest in quality and craftmanship. Glass and ceramics are other natural materials that are also trending, together with green plants that have been in the picture for a while. Dried straws and flowers are a décor element that comes in many variations.